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Acne Scars - Sun Damage - Fine lines - Wrinkles

Exfoliation can help your skin look fresh and healthy but for those who want faster and instantly noticeable results, they may consider a few facial resurfacing options, including chemical peels. A professional chemical peel offers great results for those who want help with acne scars, sun damage, and who want to look fresh and youthful with even more skin tone. Here at our HOT Med Spa we have a variety of cosmetic dermatology options to help you look your best.
About Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use a safe chemical solution that quickly peels off the top layer of dead skin. This process can help with discoloration, with scars and with lines and wrinkles. When you think of chemical peels, perhaps you think of burnt and raw-looking skin but today’s options are much gentler. Our Esthetician team can assess your skin to help you determine whether or not one of our chemical peels are the right option for you.

Chemical Peel

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